How much do you charge for a deal?

That's a great question. The pricing depends on the specific product being sold. As a High Ticket Closer, we only operate on a commission basis, and the products Michael (CEO) handles range from at least €/$£/5000 with no maximum. If you offer a product which does not commit to this amount of money we will automatically connect you with a broker from our team and your product has to cost at least €/$/£2500 for  Sales Managers or €/$/£1500 for our senior closer and a €/$/£1000 for our junior.

The exact commission percentage will be discussed and agreed upon before entering into any business arrangements.

If you have any further questions or require more details, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Does your company work worldwide?

We work worldwide, and time differences are not a problem for me. We are always flexible and accommodating. We have clients in the UK, Canada, multiple in the USA, Australia, and the Netherlands for example. 

How does it work?

When you are interested, we will schedule a Zoom meeting with someone from the Flolima team where you can provide us with a detailed explanation of your expectations and the specific product or service you sell. During the meeting, we can work together to determine the necessary information we would need to effectively sell your product. 

If you hire us as closer, we will prepare a contract outlining our agreed-upon terms. Once you sign the contract, we can commence our collaboration immediately.

How does it work with warm leads?

We exclusively follow up on warm leads, meaning that the customers have already demonstrated interest in your product or service. We receive a form containing all the necessary data, including their name, email, telephone number, their specific product requirements, and, if available, their budget. Brought to us by an appointment setter of your company. 

Online Sales Agenda & Zoom

After receiving a lead, We provide our availability to the potential customer and share our agenda. The customer can then choose a convenient day and time for an appointment. For sales calls, We prefer to use Zoom as the preferred communication platform.

In which industries or types of businesses do you specialize?

We are  versatile High Ticket Closers, proficient in various domains and capable of handling divers markets. We are also life coaches and High Ticket trainers. 

How does it work when I buy a sales course? 

Please, always complete the form and email it to info@flolimaonline.com so we know who has applied for the course. Depending on the course you purchase, we will contact you directly through email with all the pertinent information and arrange a Zoom meeting. This will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other and formulate a plan together. If you join the Elite Club, you'll gain access to our Discord server. Here, you can interact with coaches, pose questions, and converse with fellow members. Share your accomplishments, engage in role-play with peers or coaches, and receive feedback within 24 hours.


Do you prefer to pay in installments? For the Mindset Mastery Course—Basic, Elite, and the Combined Pack including both the Mindset Mastery and the High Ticket Sales Training—we offer payment plans, this can be discussed during a call. 

How does it work when I buy a Mindset Mastery Course?

Please, always complete the form and email it to info@flolimaonline.com so we know who has applied for the course. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to set up a plan. You will gain access to the Discord and a special environment with fellow course participants. Our coaches will always be available to assist you. The goal is to foster your personal growth, teach you a variety of techniques, instruct you in meditation and its importance, and help you achieve peace of mind.