Collectie: Do you prefer to pay in installments (Mindset Course)

Installment Payments for Sales and Mindset Courses

Recognizing the financial constraints some individuals may face, we are pleased to offer an installment payment option for our sales and mindset courses. This flexible payment method allows participants to spread the cost of the course over several months, making it more accessible and manageable. By choosing to pay in installments, participants can invest in their personal and professional development without the burden of a one-time payment. Our aim is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive training, and we believe this payment flexibility supports that goal.

Mindset Mastery Basic:

€2445,- 5 installments of €489,- each

Mindset Mastery Advance:

€3295,- installments of €650 each 

Combi Pack Mindset Mastery & Sales:

 €6695 - 8 installments of €836.88 each